Dream of: 27 January 1985 (2) "Wrong Impression"

After Louise and I had separated, I decided to go to Mexico for a while. But first I went to visit my father and my mother; while I was visiting them, Mancusco (a former female law student) and her parents stopped by to visit. My father and my mother thought Mancusco was a nice person and they seemed to want her and me to get together.

I told Mancusco of my plans to go to Mexico. I knew she had traveled extensively, and we talked about traveling. My father, my mother and Mancusco's parents joined the conversation; it soon appeared that they were planning for Mancusco and me to travel together. The longer we talked, the more it seemed as if they were planning for Mancusco and me to marry. I just listened to them and said nothing.

Finally, after Mancusco and her parents had left, I began thinking about what had happened. I realized I definitely didn't want to marry again and I hoped I hadn't given Mancusco the wrong impression.

I enjoyed talking with Mancusco. I remembered she spoke several languages French, German and Spanish and I thought I might call her on the phone and see how well she spoke the languages, but I didn't want to give her the impression I wanted to marry again. I thought I merely needed to call her and talk with her about things.

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