Dream of: 27 January 1985 "Indian Medallions"

I was watching a scene in the woods where an Indian tribe had traveled over a great distance to fight another Indian tribe. When the Indian tribe arrived at the place where the fight was to be held, a debate arose whether the fight should actually take place.

The Indians all gathered together, boarded some U-haul trucks, and were driven to another location where they were going to decide whether to fight.

When the Indians arrived at the new location, all the Indians gathered together in an open space where a long rope was stretched out and laid on the ground. Each Indian took off a string necklace with a medallion on it and laid it across the rope so the medallions were hanging on one side or the other. The medallions alternated so that first a medallion was on one side of the rope, the next was on the other side and so on.

The idea was that if the medallions covered a certain part of the rope then the Indians wouldn't fight. The Indians continued going down the rope and laying down their medallions.

I walked up to the end of the rope where the medallions had first been laid down and I began looking at them. The medallions had pictures on them. The first one had a picture of a car. The second had a picture of a motorcycle which also resembled a buffalo.

I imagined the Indians blazing into battle on motorcycles which looked like buffaloes and I thought that seemed appropriate.

I continued looking at more medallions. One had a picture of a man and a woman. Another had a similar picture of a man and a woman.

A line from a song went through my mind "He got the girlfriend, I got you."

The reason that line occurred to me was because the pictures of the women on the two medallions with the two men were so similar. Apparently one man had one girl and the other had the other girl, which made me think of that line in that song.

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