Dream of: 24 January 1985 "Blue-Tinted Glass"

I was visiting a woman who reminded me of Mrs. Whitworth (a legal client). Once before I had gone to a museum with the woman. I was planning to visit the museum again alone and the woman gave me some kind of glass device which had a bluish tint to it. She said I should look through it when I was in the museum. Apparently many photographs were in the museum and the device was supposed to help me see things I wouldn't have ordinarily seen. She told me to look for some specific things there at the museum and I told her I would.

I left and went to the large museum. I spent so much time looking at things in the first room, that before I knew it the time had run out. Only a little time still remained. I hadn't even looked at the things I had been supposed to look at.

A movie theater was also located in the museum. People started coming out of the theater and among them I saw Fugitt (a former high school schoolmate). When he walked by I hollered to him and he said, "Hey. Steve Collier."

I said, "Hi."

Since I wanted to talk with him and learn how he was doing, I followed him down some stairs. I was curious about him, because I had heard that he and Buckner had had a fight and Buckner had shot Fugitt in the leg. I wanted to talk with Fugitt about the incident.

I saw Ramey there also. I thought I would also like to talk with him.

I knew Fugitt sold drugs, and for a moment I thought I might ask him if he had any marijuana. But I reconsidered and decided not to.

When we walked outside, I realized I had left my shoes inside the museum. I was walking around in my stocking feet and it was rather cold out here.

Fugitt and I sat down and I put my feet under my legs so they wouldn't be so cold. About eight or nine other fellows my age walked up and sat near us. They looked like a rather rough bunch. I turned to one fellow on my left and asked him what the movie had been about. He responded. Apparently it had been about some kind of football player.

The fellow spoke about a football player whose number was 52, and said he would like to be like him. He seemed like a rather repulsive fellow. As he talked he gestured with his hands, which came rather close to my face. It irritated me and I thought I might have to end up fighting him. But I didn't think that was going to happen. Besides, he was quite a bit bigger than I.

Finally I decided it was time for me to return to the museum and I prepared to leave.

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