Dream of: 15 January 1985 "Graduation Ceremony"

After returning to Portsmouth, I called Buckner on the phone, and he told me of two civil servant tests he had taken and passed. He had previously taken one of the tests and failed, but this time he had made a score of 40 on both tests, supposedly a good score. Now he would be able to become a civil servant.

I could hear Vaughn talking in the background and I realized Vaughn was Buckner's father. I knew Vaughn was proud that Buckner had finally managed to pass the test. I asked Buckner how long Vaughn was going to be there, and he said for one day. Buckner added that it was easy for Vaughn to fly up and spend a day, since Vaughn had plenty of money.

When Buckner told me Vaughn was going to be teaching a class in Portsmouth that day, I decided I would like to go to the class. I told Buckner I would like to meet him later and I hung up.

I went to the class which Vaughn was going to teach and walked into the classroom, where the seats were arranged in two rows facing the same direction one row on one side of the classroom and the other row on the other side.

After walking into the room, Vaughn first told the people sitting in one row to turn their seats around so they were facing the other row. I was sitting in the row which turned around. After we turned our seats around and sat back down, I became concerned since I was only wearing a pair of shorts that someone in the row across from me might be able to see up my shorts. But I sat quietly anyway.

Vaughn spoke for a while before asking someone from the other row of seats to sit in an empty seat to my right. When the person sat down next to me, I realized she was Sussie and I began talking with her. She was very pretty. I asked her how she had been and I told her that when I had been in Portsmouth about a month earlier, I had been told she now worked as a cashier at a grocery store in Portsmouth.

We talked and I began telling her about my Cabin. I told her I had also built a cabin in Mexico made from logs which I had hewn square myself. The cabin was nicer than the first one I had built. I suggested she might want to go down to Mexico for a while and see what it was like.

But although I wanted her to visit me, I didn't want to have any permanent affair with her. I told her at this point in time I didn't want to have a permanent affair with anyone.

The class ended and I left. Since I wanted to visit my Cabin, I picked up my father and my mother and we all drove to the Gallia County Farm into an area behind the Cabin. Surprisingly, we found several trucks and cars parked back there in the hills, and I saw several people in formal attire walking around. I inferred a graduation ceremony was taking place. Remembrance of when I had graduated from law school made me feel rather emotional, almost like crying. I remembered some pictures had been taken of me when I graduated and wondered what had happened to them.

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