Dream of: 06 January 1985 "Somewhat Of A Rebel"

I drove to Patriot and while passing the House in Patriot, noticed several cars parked in the parking space next to the House. After driving a ways down the road, I turned around and circled back to the House. Most cars were parked at an angle, and one gold-colored Volkswagen, which I thought belonged to my grandfather Liston and my grandmother Leacy, was parked at more of an angle than the other cars. I managed to squeeze into a parking spot next to the gold Volkswagen.

After stepping from my car, I sat down on a nearby bench. My uncle Liston, preceded by two boys, walked from the House. One boy was about thirteen and the other was around seven. Liston turned to the older boy, and referring to me, said, "Go on. There he is."

The boys walked over and sat beside me the older one on my right, the younger on my left. The older boy (whose name was Charlie) had apparently been waiting for me to arrive. I suddenly realized he was one of Liston's sons and therefore my first cousin.

Glad to see him, I put my arm around him. He was fairly tall and had black curly hair which stuck straight out from his head. When I spoke with him, I realized he was half Negro, and I had the feeling he was somewhat of a rebel. I also inferred that Liston was probably worried I might somehow influence Charlie in his rebellious attitudes, and that Liston was therefore unhappy to see me here.

When Charlie rose and returned inside, I thought I might later tell him if he ever needed somewhere to go, he could come and live with me for a while. Although I wondered what Louise would think about that, I thought we could probably somehow work it out.

Turning next to the younger boy on my left, I asked him his name, and he said it was "Cu." I thought he was probably the son of one of Liston's sons, and therefore one of my second cousins. He reminded me a bit of the son of Karen Hicks (an acquaintance). 

After noticing Cu was drinking something from a bottle, I picked up the bottle, saw it was a bottle of Lambrusco wine and told him he was too young to be drinking wine. I looked at the label for alcoholic content; it contained less than five percent alcohol. The bottle was almost empty; I asked Cu if he had drunk the whole bottle. He said he had.

I asked Cu a few questions about Charlie and Cu confirmed what I had suspected about Charlie's being a rebel.

I stood and decided to go inside. But as I headed for the door, several people began coming out of the House. Two young men and two young women who looked as if they were probably married walked past me. I thought they might be Liston's sons my first cousin Randy, my first cousin Raleigh or my first cousin Roger but I was unsure. When I stopped them and asked them who they were, one fellow offered me his hand, which I shook. He said his name was Tom. He was obviously unrelated to me; I told him I was sorry for having bothered him.

I turned away and finally walked into the House, where I found Liston and his wife sitting on a couch. His wife, who sat smiling at me, had grown quite overweight.

Leacy and my mother were sitting on a bed. I walked up to Leacy, threw my arms around her and in ecstasy held her as tightly as I could. It was as if I were holding someone I truly loved. I buried my head into her neck as she buried hers into mine. I continued holding and squeezing her for a long time and I didn't want to let go. The other people in the room were probably wondering why I was holding her so long; but it was such a wonderful feeling I didn't want to let go. I was beginning to sob slightly.

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