Dream of: 03 January 1985 "At The Auction"

Louise and I had gone to an auction. Louise was wearing a black and white striped shirt (the stripes were horizontal, each about five centimeters wide). We sat in the back of the room and watched the items being auctioned. Since I couldn't see well, I walked closer to the front of the room and sat down. A different auctioneer began talking after I sat down. The new auctioneer pointed to some things in the back of the room which he was selling. One was a little old-fashioned electric mixer. It only had one blade. The auctioneer said the mixer blade could be stuck in a glass to mix something. He said he was selling it for only one dollar.

The auctioneer next began selling two brown Chinese rugs (each about one meter by two meters in size). The bidding started at $50, then increased to $100. The bidders were confused whether they were paying one price for both rugs, or buying the rugs by the piece. Someone bid $300, but apparently he was bidding for both rugs for one money at that price. Finally the rugs were sold.

I was sitting in what appeared to be a porch swing. While I was sitting on the left of the swing, a young lady walked up and sat down on my right. The swing was small and could only hold two people. She was slim and attractive (around 25 years old). We were so close, her left arm was touching my right arm. We began swinging. We were able to put our feet on a little bar at the bottom of the swing to help the swinging. At first we were pushing at different times, not in synchronization, but finally we began pushing the bar at the same time.

A little wall blocked my view of Louise, unless we swung all the way back. Then I could see Louise, but not well.

We finally slowed our swinging and we began talking. I was starting to believe she was trying to pick me up. I was wearing a wedding ring on my left hand. It had a diamond which looked like the diamond in Louise's engagement ring. I noticed the woman was also wearing a wedding ring. Nevertheless, I had the definite feeling she was trying to pick me up.

Suddenly she laid her head on my right shoulder. I immediately stopped everything and jumped up. I thought things had simply gone to far. I left the woman sitting and I returned to Louise. I said to Louise, "Some girl just tried to pick me up."

Louise instantly became angry and said she didn't want to hear anything about it. Nevertheless, I wanted to tell her all the details, and I continued talking to her.

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