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Dream of: 20 December 1984 "Controlling Weeds"

My step-grandfather Clarence and I were walking along the gravel road that runs in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse. We were about a kilometer from the Farmhouse and were looking over one field near Symmes Creek, which crosses the Farm.

We walked down into the field and talked about how the Farm wasn't cared for anymore and how the fields were growing up. In the middle of the field, in fact, were some trees and shrubs which had grown quite tall. One shrub was a bit withered. Clarence said he had been putting some vinegar on the shrubs to kill them.

I was unconcerned that he had let the Farm go and that it was beginning to be overgrown; I preferred that it revert to its natural state.

As we looked farther, it appeared someone had cut some of the weeds in that field with a bushhog. The area close to the creek had especially been cut. I mentioned to Clarence that something similar to that had happened once before; but he didn't seem to remember it.

He began walking ahead of me down closer to the creek. He reached the creek and began climbing down the creek's bank to the edge of the creek. I reached the bank and began to follow him down. As I looked down I saw a beaver swimming across the surface of the water toward Clarence. I hollered to him, "There's a beaver!"

I was unsure whether he had heard me. I looked closer and saw two more beaver swimming toward the bank. As I watched them reach the bank, they appeared to disappear into a hole on the side of the bank. Clarence picked up a stick and seemed to be poking it inside the hole. I thought he was trying to get them out of the hole. I didn't want him to hurt them.

I continued climbing down the bank and suddenly I realized it was almost perpendicular. I had slid part way down but was still far from the bottom. It was becoming quite dangerous. I was becoming frightened. I began talking to myself to ease my fear. I said, "There's no use to be frightened now. You're in this predicament. The best thing to do is just be calm and proceed downward and not be afraid."

I gradually turned around so my face instead of my back was facing the bank. Some jagged rocks were sticking out and I gradually began stepping on them and holding them with my hands as I continued descending. Finally I eased myself all the way to the bottom.

When I finally was next to the water I looked around for Clarence but I couldn't see him anywhere. For a moment I thought perhaps he had fallen into the creek. The water was swirling past.

I looked to my left and saw him standing about 20 meters away inside a culvert which ran into the creek. I walked along the edge of the creek toward him. I reached him and we both began walking up the culvert. We reached a spot where the top was covered with glass and the light was shinning through. The culvert apparently ran under the field we had been in before. We listened and realized we could hear a bushhog running above us. We looked up and suddenly the bushhog passed right over top of us.

We continued walking farther up the culvert until we came out into a community of houses farther up in the field. We came out from the culvert so it was no longer covered although we were still in the culvert. To our right were parked a number of cars. We came across one car which was hanging somewhat over into the culvert. Clarence simply pushed the car over on its side back into the yard of one of the houses. Apparently he thought the culvert was his property. He said he didn't want any cars hanging over into the culvert like that.

I was a bit concerned with what he had done. I reached out and tried to straighten up the car and suddenly realized it was only a toy car even though it was almost as big as a regular car. I was still able to manage it rather easily. I pushed it back on its wheels and shoved it over to the side.

From where we were we had a better view of the field. We saw someone indeed had pulled up in a truck and had brought a bushhog with them, but we couldn't tell who he was. We thought we would walk closer to determine who he was.

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