Dream of: 17 December 1984 "Horses In A Junkyard"

I was riding in a car down the road away from the Gallia County Farmhouse and finally passed the farm of a farmer named I had once known named Milam. I passed by the intersection in the road on the other side of Milam's, and thought I saw an old woman in a white dress up on the hill to my` left. I thought it was Mrs. Milam. We stopped, backed up, and I saw that indeed there was a woman up there on the hillside. I got out of the car and asked her what she was doing. She told me she was picking raspberries. She then disappeared back into the woods.

Looking around, I was surprised to see quite a few junk cars there on the side of the hill. Apparently they had been abandoned there. I wondered if the cars could possibly be sold to a junkyard. The tires were missing on some. I walked up to one Volkswagen and looked inside; the motor which ran the car was sitting in the back seat. The battery had been taken out of the Volkswagen, but I wondered if other batteries were still in the other cars. I knew they could be sold for something.

I noticed a large truck bed with some copper and aluminum parts on it. I thought someone else had probably begun gathering up the junk for sale.

Suddenly I noticed someone driving some horses down the hill toward me. I ducked under the truck bed, and after a long time managed to crawl to the other side. When I pulled myself out from under the other side, I saw cows also among the horses. The person driving them said something about a calf, and I saw what looked like a newborn rust-colored calf among the animals. The mother of the calf looked as if she still had the junk from the birth of the calf around her tail. The person then drove the animals into the road.

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