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Dream of: 11 December 1984 "Consciousness Of Morality"

I was at a school which reminded me of Grant Junior High School (which I attended in Portsmouth, Ohio from 1964 to 1967). I was in a class with other students on apparently the last day of classes. As I sat at my desk, I was rather worried because I knew I had studied almost none, and I was worried I might fail the test. I might even fail that grade. The test consisting of about ten legal-sized pages with a large picture and questions on each page, was handed out to us. 

The first question dealt with the differences between the medieval and the modern church, according to some written documents which regulated the churches. I knew I had no idea what the answer to that question was.

I turned my page, and when I did so, I realized the pages were stapled together in the upper left corner, and somehow the last page had flipped over to the first, and I had been looking at the last question instead of the first one. I flipped to the first page, where I found a picture in which dark green and dark blue colors predominated. The picture was of a swimming pool with several nude men and women in it. Finally I also found the question which went with the picture. I was supposed to identify the time when the picture had been taken and whether the people in it would have been able to cavort about in good conscience.

At first I thought the picture was of a scene in the middle ages and I thought the men and women wouldn't have been able to cavort in good conscience, but then I read in the lower left corner that the scene was from ancient Athens. As I pondered the question, I thought about the teacher, who was an old, Victorian-like woman. I thought I would have to answer the question by saying that according to the religion of the Athenians, they would have been able to cavort about, but their consciences would still be bothering them. An underlying consciousness of morality wouldn't allow them to behave that way without feeling the moral impropriety of their actions.

I began thinking I needed to take my time while taking the test, and even when I reached the last question about the differences between the medieval and modern churches, I thought I could probably come up with some of my own ideas so I wouldn't leave the question completely blank. I would probably be able to pass the test.

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