Dream of: 09 December 1984 "New Sand"

I had gone to either some kind of fair or school activity, where I was supposed to meet Louise. Quite a few teenagers were here. I had to climb up into a sort of loft, where about 50 young people were all lined up. I saw Louise standing at the end of the back row and I got into the line near the front. Everyone was doing some kind of dance.

Brian and someone else were standing in the front and seemed to be directing the dance. Brian showed people how to do the dance. But he suddenly became upset with a fellow who was dancing; I had the feeling the fellow had been selling drugs in that class. Brian talked with him for a minute.

All of us entered what appeared to be a gym with a canvass roof. I sat down and a very pretty girl whom I knew from somewhere sat on my left. I was unsure what had happened to Louise.

We were rather high up and from where we were sitting we could see out the back of the gym, where I noticed some pieces of metal which appeared to be suspended in air. I spoke with the girl and we realized nothing was holding the pieces of metal up. Two of the pieces were round, but one (right below us outside) was rather large, silver-colored and looked like the head of a snake, of a boa constrictor. I asked the girl and some other people if they could explain the sight. They thought it must be a trick.

A boy (about 15 years old) was sitting near me; I asked him, "Oh by the way, what's your name?"

He replied, "Steve."

I said, "Oh, my name's Steve, too."

I asked him if he could explain the floating metal, but he couldn't.

I walked to the back of the gym, lay down on my back and suddenly began spinning around almost like a break dancer. I couldn't quite control my spinning and almost seemed possessed. But I could control it somewhat, and began rising in the air. I held my breath some, to facilitate the rising. As I continued straight up, people began looking at me, but didn't seem overly concerned.

I floated around a while and finally settled back down to the ground. I then climbed out of the gym, began walking around outside and finally realized I had been in the gym at Portsmouth High School. As I headed toward the Gay Street House, I encountered my mother, who asked me if I had seen the "Forest girl." She was apparently talking about a girl whose last name was Forest whom I used to date when I lived in Portsmouth. I said no. My mother then began talking about another girl named "Forester" who used to carry newspapers and who had also liked me. I thought quite a few girls in Portsmouth had liked me.

I looked down on the ground and noticed a small stream which had some small fine sand in it. I thought how the sand was new sand, and how the old sand that used to be in the stream had washed away since the last time I had been in Portsmouth.

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