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Dream of: 08 December 1984 (2) "Strangled"

As two fellows and I were standing beside a pond, we noticed some small mushrooms growing on the edge of the water. We were sure they were psilocybin mushrooms and began picking some. I also saw some larger mushrooms growing out in the waters a ways. I thought about wading out to get them; but then I realized the mushrooms were growing on a stick in the water, and I simply pulled the stick to the shore. But once I had the stick on the bank, I couldn't see the mushrooms on it anymore.

We ate a few of the small mushrooms, but I decided we should save some for later. After we had gathered quite a few, I noticed a man and a girl in a nearby phone booth. The man walked over to one of the fellows with me, who was now sitting beside the mushrooms, and told him we were under arrest.

The other fellow sitting here picked up the piece of paper upon which the mushrooms were lying and dumped them into the pond. I thought, "Well that guy won't have any evidence then."

I walked over to the man who had said we were under arrest and asked him for identification. He was an overweight, offensive character. He pulled out his billfold and showed his identification to me. He seemed to realize that indeed he now didn't have any evidence it looked as if he wasn't going to arrest us.

A girl (about 20 years old) came running out of a nearby house a man was chasing her. Obviously other people were living in the house. She ran in a circle and then back into the house. The fellow followed her and then I could hear him catch her upstairs and start beating her. It sounded as if he were hitting her with his fist and she was screaming for mercy. Nobody did anything I didn't do anything either. Suddenly I heard her say something about the "sheet." It sounded as if he had taken a bed sheet, rolled it up and was strangling her with it. She screamed and screamed until finally the screaming stopped obviously he had killed her.

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