Dream of: 08 December 1984 "Land Development Business"

While working in an office for Vaughn, I went to see my first cousin Ronnie and my first cousin Jimmy; I talked with them for a while. They were in the land development business, and had about two million dollars with which they were working. They offered me a job working for them for $500 a week. The job basically involved the buying and selling of large tracks of land.

I returned to the office and in the presence of Keith Gilbert (a Waco acquaintance), I told Vaughn I had taken the job with my cousins. Vaughn had a similar land development project going and he also was working with around two million dollars. He said that he had given Gilbert a job similar to the one I was going to have and that he (Vaughn) was paying Gilbert $500 a week, plus a five percent commission on any earnings.

I began calculating that if they made one $100,000 on a deal, Keith would receive $5,000 and could end up making more money than I. I thought I might have been precipitous in taking the job with Ronnie and Jimmy. I might be better off working with Vaughn.

I thought it would be best if Vaughn, Jimmy and Ronnie would combine their money. In addition, I thought if my father had about $500,000, it would be nice if he joined in the venture.

Lynn (a Waco attorney, who was also in the room) was also working with Vaughn. Vaughn then said he was going somewhere and asked me if I wanted to go along. I did, so Vaughn, Lynn, Gilbert and I all got into a van which Vaughn was driving. I sat on the right. After we had driven for quite a while in the country, I asked Vaughn where we were going, and he said we were going to a farm where he raised animals. He began talking about how good the animals were, how fat they were and how good they tasted. I was unsure whether he was talking about pigs or cows. I was rather disgusted he raised animals to eat, especially since I didn't even eat meat.

We continued down a small road which Vaughn apparently had traveled before. We began hitting some branches of trees hanging into the road, and finally hit a rather large branch which seemed to stick on the front of the van. Since there was no windshield on the side of the van where I was, I was exposed. Vaughn kept going even though the branch was hooked on the van. He told me to be careful because the branch might spring and hit me. I lay down in the seat. Finally I told him I was going to jump out onto the sideboard, and I did so. Finally the branch snapped, and I saw it had broken off. Vaughn said that branch had bothered him quite a few times and he was glad it had broken off.

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