Dream of: 06 December 1984 "Subordination Agreement"

I was in Waco early one morning, sitting outside somewhere at a large desk reminiscent of the ones which I used to have in my study halls at high school. Looking around behind me, I saw a Penny's catalog lying on another desk. I walked over to the desk, picked up the catalog and began looking through it, intending to look through the women's lingerie section. As I leafed through the lingerie section, I was surprised by the number of women whose nipples were visible.

Finally, after I had flipped on to other sections of the catalog, a man who reminded me both of Vaughn and my father walked up and stood behind me. He told me that I was flipping through the pages too quickly, and that I needed to slow down. He then showed me how to turn the pages more slowly, by looking at each page a while. When he had finished, I began flipping through the pages again.

I then remembered I had gotten up early that morning because I needed to prepare an affidavit. When I left my desk and went to the front of a building, the man stayed with me. I got out a typewriter and began typing. I was planning to buy a mortgage which someone had on some real property. While I had been looking over the deed, I had discovered the mortgage also covered some personal property including a long trailer used for hauling boats. I needed the person who actually owned the property to sign an affidavit regarding the personal property. On the top left hand side of a blank sheet of paper I wrote, "the State of Texas and the County of ...." On the right side of the paper I wrote "Subordination Agreement Affidavit." I asked the man if he thought it was correct to write "Subordination Agreement" where I was writing it, and he said he did.

The man mentioned that he had looked at the personal property earlier that morning, and while doing so, that he had seen Haim. I was surprised to hear Haim was in Waco, but I concluded he must have returned for a visit. I thought I would like to see Haim, and as I looked up, he came running toward us.

I felt rather disheveled. I hadn't shaved yet this morning and I was wearing an old, light blue shirt and shorts. I felt somewhat embarrassed for Haim to be seeing me here. When he ran up, he looked better than I had ever seen him, and he reminded me quite a bit of Weinstein. When he reached me, we shook hands, and I noticed how clear his complexion was. His skin was dark and he had black, wavy hair.

I wanted to talk with him, but I was in a big hurry to finish the affidavit.

Lying near me was a map of California which I had found somewhere. I intended to throw it away, and had already put it in a garbage sack. Haim asked me if he could have it and I said, "Yea."

He said, "At least you can give me that."

He picked up the map and held on to it. I told him I would really like to talk to him later. He said he wasn't going to be here long, but indicated we would be able to talk.

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