Dream of: 27 November 1984 (2) "Metamorphosis"

My father, my brother Chris, and I were riding in a car which my father was driving toward Portsmouth from the direction of Cincinnati. The Ohio River was on our right as we drove along. I looked out over the river; how turbulent the water was. The waves were extremely high. I pointed it out to my father and told him to look at the height of the waves, which must have been five meters. I said the strange thing was that there was no whiteness in the waves; the waves were just going up and down without causing any white caps.

We continued looking and suddenly realized something was terribly wrong and that the river was rising. Concluding that there had been a break in a dam upstream, we quickly decided we needed to go to higher ground. We debated whether we should continue driving down the road looking for higher ground, or stop the car and climb up the hills to our left.

My father pulled over to the side, intending that we should climb up the hill. I was going to carry Chris. I got out of the car, picked up Chris and said to my father, "Did you lock the car?"

He didn't answer, so I assumed he had. We began climbing up the side of the hill toward a small cottage, which my father reached first. After he knocked on the door, someone allowed him to enter. When I reached the house, I also knocked on the door and met a woman (about 50 years old) who was alone in the house. Apparently she was married, but her husband wasn't there at the moment. I explained the situation to her.

I looked out on the river and hollered to my father to come outside. The water on the river was completely calm. I said, "Look, it's back to normal."

But it wasn't normal; the river wasn't flowing at all, but strangely appeared like a calm lake. Apparently whoever was upstream had suddenly gained control over the river again. I asked the woman where the nearest dam was and she indicated that it was in a place called LaFayette. I thought that was good because I thought the dam was between us and Portsmouth. I had been worried about my mother, who was in Portsmouth; if the dam had been above Portsmouth, she might have been in danger from the water sweeping down on Portsmouth.

I sat down and looked over the river and the banks on the other side. The woman was standing on the porch and I said, "This is a beautiful view from up here. Would you like to sell this house?"

My father heard what I had said, and although he didn't say anything, I could tell from his look that he didn't think my trying to buy the house was a good idea. The woman didn't say anything either, but from her looks, I thought she might be interested in selling the house.

I looked at the other side of the river and began admiring the beauty of the strata of the rock and the way the river had cut into it. It was similar to the deep trenches of the Grand Canyon. I thought, "Louise would like that, looking at all those strata in the rock."

Farther down the river to my right about thirty kilometers away, in the direction from which we had come, the river divided into two parts. In the area between the two branches, I could see a tall dome-shaped cathedral. Apparently a small village was around it. It order to see the cathedral, I had to sit on the side of the porch and look past some bamboo curtains hanging on one end of the porch. I was uncertain whether the woman had ever noticed the cathedral. I asked her and she said she hadn't. She walked over and bent her head down to see. It was truly a magnificent sight.

Chris in the meantime had been taken out to the back porch. After telling the others I was going to go get him and bring him out front, I went through the house to the back porch. There I found Chris, who had turned into a large, furry, black and white cat. The woman, saying she would help with him, grabbed his front legs and began pulling him. I hollered, "No."

I grabbed the cat, which appeared to be curling up in pain, and I said, "No. You don't carry him like that."

I explained to her that the cat was actually Chris and that he could turn back into Chris whenever he wanted. Expressing disbelief, she said something like, "Sure."

I said, "Well, he might want to turn back into Chris now. I'm going to take him and lay him down in this back room and see if he'll turn into Chris."

I carried him into the back room, told him I would be back for him in a few minutes, and left him there. I shut the door because I didn't think anyone could be around when he went through his metamorphosis. The woman and I walked into the living room where I intended to wait a few minutes before checking to see if Chris had changed back into his human form.

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