Dream of: 27 November 1984 "Time Of Sickness"

I was sitting on a couch in a living room. On my left was a girl with dark, curly hair. Her name was Patsy Cline and she was a country music singer. She and I had come to this house because there was going to be a gathering of country music singers here. She and I were living in another house together, although we weren't having sex together. She slept on one couch in the living room of the house where we lived and I slept on another couch in the same room. But I was very attracted to her and I thought she was something special. I wanted to get to know her much better.

The room gradually began to fill up. Hank Williams Jr. walked in and sat in a chair across from me in the middle of the room. But he looked like Hank Williams instead of Hank Williams Jr. More and more singers kept coming in and I began talking with another girl who was sitting on my right about all the singers in the room. The girl pointed to one girl who came in and said she was also a country music singer. She said the girl's name was Marty Ackers. I thought, "Yea, I've heard of that name."

The girl on my right then began singing part of a song which Marty Ackers had apparently written. She sang, "Coming of age in a time of sickness ...."

Although other singing was also going on in the room, I thought Marty Ackers could hear the girl to my right singing her song, and I thought she must know the girl was telling me about her.

I then turned to Patsy Cline on my left and I said, "Will this just be a common event for you to be with so many country western singers at gatherings like this?"

She replied, "No. You've probably got the top ten top of the line here."

We continued talking until the girl on my right finally said something about going home with the girl on my left. I laughed, thinking the girl on my right would be in for a real surprise if she went home with the girl on my left and discovered I was living with her.

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