Dream of: 26 November 1984 (2) "Faustus"

I was at a fair where an arm wrestling contest was taking place. I decided to enter the contest. I arm wrestled a fellow and to my surprise and amazement, I won. I was given a small trophy of a man. In the head of the man was a small slot machine. A little handle could be pulled and three numbers would turn up. It resembled a gambling machine.

I had only won the first round of arm wrestling. Now I was going to enter the second round, although I didn't really think I could win it until I remembered having seen the movie The Karate Kid. I thought I needed to think of something like Zen Buddhism and concentrate on mind over matter instead of thinking about how weak my body was. I thought I could do it if I would simply concentrate. Even people with weak arms could win. Even though I saw many people with muscular arms, I knew it was possible for me to win if I would just concentrate.

I walked outside, noticed a garbage bin and remembered a recent news segment I had seen about a company in Las Vegas called "The Gleaners, Inc." The company went around to grocery stores and gathered up the food which the stores were discarding and then distributed the food to the poor.

Looking at the garbage bin, I noticed some boxes of candy bars in it. I thought the candy bars had probably passed their expiration date and had been thrown out by the grocery store. So apparently that kind of thing actually did happen. The bars were large chocolate Hershey bars. I reached in and pulled one out. I chewed into the bar which tasted good. Thinking about my wife Louise, I reflected, "Louise would like those."

I took two boxes of candy bars out of the garbage bin. I then noticed a large box of corn flakes in the bin. I was going to take those, but another fellow walked up and began rummaging around and I thought he wanted the cereal. When I realized that the person was actually a woman, she almost seemed demented. She grabbed some things and then began talking in a demented fashion to me. She said she was going to Las Vegas.

She began ascending some nearby stairs. For some reason, the colorful scene reminded me of a movie I had once seen of Faustus and a scene where Faustus was descending into hell.

The woman said Las Vegas was just three flights up and that she was going to go there. It rather amazed me that she could reach Las Vegas that way.

Commentary of 16 September 2016

Mediate on those things which are certain.

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