Dream of: 26 November 1984 "Live Lobster"

My wife Louise and I had separated. After having been away from her for several weeks, I went to visit her where she was living in the House in Kilgore. She didn't know I had come in the house when I arrived. I walked toward the back bedroom where I could hear her talking on the phone to a fellow named Bennie. From the sound of the conversation, I inferred she was having an affair with Bennie.

I walked to the front door and went outside. A black fellow showed up and walked into the house. Before I knew what had happened, he had walked into the back bedroom where Louise was. I waited a few minutes and then followed him back. There I found him and Louise on the floor together getting ready to have sex. When Louise saw me, she tried to get away from the fellow. I pulled him off her.

The black fellow had also brought some seafood with him when he had come and a large live lobster was running around the room. I picked it up; it took me a moment to realize it was a lobster. Some other type of sea animal was also running around the room. I thought the fellow was Bennie. I told Louise to be still and I asked the fellow what his name was. Louise said, "No, that's Crystal."

So I realized Louise was having an affair not only with this black fellow named Crystal, but also with some other fellow named Bennie. I finally gathered from her that Bennie was a young white fellow. I pulled Louise out into the hall and said, "You actually went to bed with that black guy?"

She said she had. Although I was very upset, I nevertheless found something rather erotic about the whole situation the idea that she was actually having sex with the black fellow and having an affair with another white fellow. For all I knew, she might be having affairs with several other people.

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