Dream of: 23 November 1984 "Goldstien"

Donnie Lynn (a Waco lawyer) and I were sitting in the Waco Law Office. The room was basically devoid of furniture except for the two desks at which Lynn and I were sitting. My desk was more like a large drawing table -- tilted up. It was about 3 o'clock Monday afternoon and just about everyone else had left. Rick Hightower (another Waco lawyer) walked out and said he was going home early today.

I still had several things I needed to do today. I pulled out a file on someone named "Goldstien" which had something to do with the building we were in. We were requesting some things be done to the building. Three things needed attention. The first item was going to cost $180, the second also already had a cost estimate, but the third didn't yet have an estimate.

I needed to write a letter concerning the matter. I asked Lynn, "Excuse me. Do you know who Barry Goldstien is?"

Lynn said Goldstien was another lawyer here in town. Lynn said that Goldstien was a rival of our firm, but that we still appointed him to do a lot of work for us. Lynn said that he himself, as well as Joann (a secretary in our office), would probably not be able to get their divorces if it weren't for Goldstien.

That satisfied me, but I also asked, "Well, does he have something to do with this building?"

Lynn replied, "Yea, he sure does."

It turned out that Goldstien apparently owned the building, and we wanted to get some work done on the building.

Lynn asked to see what I was working on and I handed him the file.

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