Dream of: 22 November 1984 "Empty House"

I had bought a small cottage in the country near some other houses. I had gone there to look around and noticed a couple blond-haired fellows (probably in their late 20s) fixing up a nearby house. Several other houses appeared to be inhabited by fairly young people.

I entered the house I had bought and looked it over. Louise showed up and I began showing her around. The house only contained three or four rooms. I suddenly realized there was no kitchen sink nor any facilities in the toilets. There was nothing except floors, walls and ceiling in the house.

The house had been freshly painted. The walls were dark blue with white trim and the ceiling was white. Some of the floors appeared to be sagging and might need replaced. I asked Louise if she thought we ought to paint the walls, even though they had been recently painted. I didn't really like the color and wanted to paint them white. She thought that would be all right.

I found some white paint and with a paint roller began painting the walls in one room white. But when the white paint was put over the dark blue, the result was a light blue color. I told Louise we might ought to leave it light blue. As I continued painting, a clot of something got onto the wall. I tried to roll it off, but wasn't very successful. I noticed I was also getting some paint on the white trim. I thought I might ought to put some tape over the trim. I laid down my brush and walked into the next room to talk with Louise about getting some tape.

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