Dream of: 20 November 1984 "History's Page"

I was riding in the back seat of a car apparently somewhere near the House in Patriot. Vaughn was sitting in the passenger side of the front seat and reading a newspaper while someone else was driving. The name of the newspaper was something like "The Jordan Abtest." It reminded me of the word "Baptist," and I thought about Baptists and Presbyterians. Actually we had just been to a church and I tried to recall what kind of church it had been.

Apparently the newspaper was put out by a particular kind of church and Vaughn asked me if I knew what kind of church it was. I confessed that I didn't. He began explaining to me that that church based its faith around a certain person and that person's belief. In this case, the person's name was Jordan, the first name of the newspaper.

As Vaughn continued trying to explain it to me, I looked out the window on my left and noticed people in what appeared to be a wheat field, harvesting the wheat with long hand sickles. Most were women and it looked as if they were wearing habits. I thought they must be nuns.

The car passed over a rise, and on the other side were still more people in a wheat field, but they appeared to be normal peasants. In the background I could see what appeared to be a castle.

As Vaughn continued explaining the religion, I thought it sounded rather insipid.

Sitting to my left was another man whose hair was cut in a rather peculiar fashion which reminded me of Renee Descartes. The man was apparently a staunch adherent to the religion Vaughn was describing. I began to question the man about it. I wanted to know if he had heard about people who came after the person around whom the religion was based, and who hadn't been particularly religious. I said, "Have you heard of Descartes?"

He said, "No."

I asked, "Hume?"

He answered, "No.

I asked, "Newton?"

He answered, "No."

I was also indicating that these were important people, and he indicated that they were just nobodies. Finally I said, "Oh you fool. Your church will be razed to the ground long ere these names have been blotted from history's page."

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