Dream of: 11 November 1984 "Foreclosure Sales"

I found myself in what appeared to be a courthouse, and saw Jon here, apparently doing some research. I thought he was probably investigating some houses which were going to be foreclosed on to see if he might be able to buy them. I hadn't seen him in quite a while and I walked over to him. I was somewhat upset with him, because I knew he had started doing the same kind of work which I had been doing.

I greeted him and he spoke briefly. He wasn't friendly and he continued working. I asked him if he was working on foreclosures and he said he was. He indicated he was working in the area west of Fort Worth around where he lived in Parker County. I told him I was also working in that area. I told him I had been disappointed when he had begun doing this without telling me. I hadn't been upset that he was doing it, but only that he had started doing it without telling me.

I asked him if he had bought any houses, and he told me he had bought one. But he didn't say whether he had made any money on it. I told him I had bought one last month. I had only paid $23,000 for it and it had an assessed value of $58,000.

I began thinking about the mobile home I had also bought the previous month. I knew he had been looking for a mobile home and I thought perhaps he would like to buy the one I had bought. I knew the one I had bought was much better than the one in which he had lived in Waco. We talked for a while longer and I left.

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