Dream of: 07 November 1984 "Dream Index"

As I was entering a McDonald's restaurant, I looked through the window and saw a group of young men sitting inside eating. Among them was Poleynard (a Waco acquaintance). I thought he glanced up and saw me two or three times, but he always looked away. I wondered if he just didn't want to talk with me. I tried to remember his name and finally did remember his first name. Finally I also remembered his last name was Poleynard. He looked somewhat older, but I thought, "Well's it's been a while since I saw him, so he would have aged some."

Since I still wasn't positive the fellow was actually Poleynard, I thought I would walk up behind him and call out his name. If he then turned around, I would know he was Poleynard. I did call his name and he stood up. At that point he looked a lot like the fellow who lived with me in the First Apartment in Waco. I thought he had gone to medical school in Shreveport, Indiana, not far from where we were. I asked him if he had indeed gone to medical school. He said he had and he began complaining about it. He and I then walked over to a table where we sat down together and began talking. He complained because one of the requirements at the medical school was that he had to play baseball every hour. I didn't understand that, but he said it was simply a required routine. He said he didn't actually have to play that much, but he did at least have to report in to the baseball field once every hour. He was obviously unhappy with the situation.

He mentioned that if I came to Shreveport I could stay with him for a couple days. I said, "Well you probably don't have time if you're going to medical school."

He assured me he could make time for a couple days. He said he had promised me some time before he had left. I thought, "Well I might be able to go to Shreveport and spend a couple of days."

He seemed somewhat distant and abstracted. As I continued, I became vaguely aware I was dreaming. I knew I had an index of people who appeared in my dreams, and I began wondering how I was going to describe him in the index. I thought that I'd just put down the date I had met him and that he had lived next door to me when I had lived in the Garage Apartment in Waco.

Finally we stood and walked outside. A rather burly man followed us. Poleynard and I walked over to a park area. I lay down on my back and he sat next to me talking to me. The man then walked up to us and wanting Poleynard to go back inside said, "You can talk to your friend some other time."

I said, "Look, I haven't seen him in a very long time. I'm an old friend of his from Baylor."

The man was obviously affronted. A couple of the other fellows from inside then also walked up. It was obvious they were going to start some trouble, and Poleynard said he was going to have to go. I began to realize the fellows were just a gang of bullies who were controlling Poleynard.

I lay back on my back and began thinking the school where Poleynard was going was apparently controlled by a small group of rough, strong, muscular fellows. I wondered what would happen if I were to go there and organize the rest of the student body to rebel against them. I began to imagine the rest of the student body attacking the bullies, and I imagined a rumble on the campus. I imagined the large student body surrounding the small group of roughnecks. I imagined throwing bricks in the faces of the bullies. Even though the rest of the student body was weak, since there was so many of them, they would be able to overpower the bullies. I imagined one of the bullies pulling out a knife and stabbing a member of the student body I realized all the bullies had knives. I thought, "Well, there would have to be some calamities involved in this take over."

I continued imagining what would happen and I imagined how the student body would win the conflict. I then imagined what it would be like for the student body after winning the struggle. I imagined a sort of paradise, somewhat like a jungle on a Caribbean island. I could see a small shallow stream with an attractive, brown native girl sitting nude in it. Some younger nude girls were sitting and playing around her in the stream.

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