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Dream of: 03 November 1984 "Introductions"

After I had walked into a rather crowded bar, sat down at the counter and begun drinking some beer, I suddenly noticed many of the patrons were walking out the front door. I asked what was happening and someone said there was going to be a fight. So I likewise walked out the front door, and once outside, discovered that indeed, a fight was taking place. But it didn't seem very violent and a policeman was even watching it.

For some reason I began having an argument with a girl standing here and we began pushing each other around. Another fellow standing to my left began bothering me, and mouthing off to me. So I turned around and without warning, punched him as hard as I could in the nose. When I pulled my fist back, I was afraid I had hit him so hard I might have broken his nose. He stood dazed for a moment, and it became obvious he was going to retaliate.

We proceeded to have a bloody battle, fighting and fighting. Finally I began winning, pounding him until I had finally beat him into a pulp. I bashed him so hard that he finally seemed like nothing more than a small bush which consisted basically of only one very light branch only about a meter long. I picked him up, carried him to some other bushes and planted him near them by sticking him down into the ground. I was feeling rather bad, because I was afraid I might have actually killed him and that I might be in a lot of trouble for it.

When I walked away, the people began leaving and going into a different building. So I also walked into the different building. Once inside, I began feeling for my eyeglasses, which were in my top left shirt pocket. I could feel that the frames had been broken. I thought, "Well if that was the worst thing that happened, it wasn't that bad. I could have that replaced."

I asked a fellow how I looked and he said I didn't look too bad. But I knew I had been beaten fairly badly outside. I noticed a large mirror in the room, walked over to it and looked at myself. Indeed, I didn't look that bad. My long blond hair was ruffled up. I took a comb from my back pocket and combed my hair out. That made my hair look wet. I realized my hair had looked better before I had even combed it.

Glancing around, I was surprised to see Leah among the people in the room; but I didn't say anything to her. I saw a person who I thought was John Cooper (a Portsmouth acquaintance) and decided to talk to him. I walked up to him and pulled him over to the side. But when I did that, he looked like Mark Upton (another Portsmouth acquaintance). I was going to ask him if he had heard that Mark Upton had AIDS. I was going to tell him I had recently talked with Weinstein in New York on the phone, and Weinstein had told me about it.

Cooper said he had heard about Al Goldstien (he was actually referring to Mark Upton). Cooper was wearing a jacket. I put my arm around him, but I wondered if that was appropriate, since I knew he was a homosexual. Thinking people might get the wrong idea, I took my arm away.

As I stood talking, I looked over into the crowd of people and noticed Leah again. She looked quite beautiful, especially her white teeth. Looking at both her and Cooper, it struck me how much alike they looked. Leah walked up toward me. At that point, Cooper had grabbed my hand and was holding it. We were standing by a piano. Leah walked up, took his hand away from mine and replaced it with her hand. Apparently both Leah and Cooper were living in New York City, and I wanted to introduce her to him. Leah moved her face so close to mine that I kissed her. It was a short kiss but it felt quite good. I asked her if she had seen the fight and she said she had. She acted as if I were the one who had gotten the worst of the fight. But apparently she had only seen my encounter with the girl and hadn't seen my fight with the fellow. I said, "Well, that encounter with that girl was just the initial foray."

I was going to tell her how I had then proceeded to destroy the other fellow.

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