Dream of: 02 November 1984 (2) "Question Of Conscience"

I was visiting Ramey and Walls in Columbus. When I told Ramey I was planning to go to Europe he asked, "Well, if you didn't go to Europe, what would you do?"

I said, "Well, if I didn't go to Europe, I'd go to Mexico."

Ramey looked at Walls, smiled, and seemed quite happy with the possibility of my going to Mexico. Ramey let me know that if I went to Mexico, there was a possibility that I could buy some marijuana there and that we could smuggle the marijuana back to the United States. I thought about the idea, but I didn't think I would be interested. I thought, "Well I'll probably be living in a rural area down there, and if I bought it, I could hide it out back, maybe even bury it back there."

I could even imagine myself doing that, burying a one pound brick of marijuana behind the place where I would be living. I also thought about how much marijuana would cost in Mexico, probably about $25 a pound. I could probably sell the marijuana in the United States for $600-$1,000 a pound. The profit would be tremendous. I thought I would need to make some connections in Mexico with some lawyers and important people, so if something went wrong, I would be able to extricate myself from the predicament. Plus I'd have to make sure neither Ramey or I handled the marijuana. We would have to hire people for that. 

I stopped and wondered whether dealing with marijuana would really be worth it. Finally I told Ramey and Walls that I wasn't interested in marijuana, but that I would be interested in smuggling psilocybin mushrooms, if we could find them. I asked Ramey if he ever came across any psilocybin mushrooms any more. When he said they hadn't had any mushrooms in a long time, I asked, "What about LSD?"

Walls said he occasionally came across some LSD, but very rarely.

I sat back and continued thinking about what would be involved in smuggling in marijuana. I thought about all the damage which would be done to people who smoked the marijuana. Even though I could make a lot of money doing it, I wondered if my conscience would allow me.

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