Dream of: 02 November 1984 "Betting On Professions"

I picked up a phone to make a phone call, and immediately I heard someone talking on the phone. The person was talking with Lynn (a Waco attorney) and said, "This is Steve Collier."

I was surprised to hear someone saying he was me. The person said he was selling something called "chips," some kind of gambling device. A person would bet on the rise of a profession by betting on how much the income of certain professions was going to increase. If the person picked right, he would win.

I listened for quite a while, trying to figure out what was going on. Finally I suddenly said, "Excuse me a minute, I would like to say something."

Both the other people on the phone were startled to hear my voice. I said, "This is Steve Collier, and I'd like to know who these people are who's talking on here."

Lynn spoke first and then the other fellow said something. I said, "What did you say your name was?"

He said, "Oh, I said my name was Steve Gonzalez."

Apparently I had misunderstood him before. I said, "Well, OK, go ahead."

I hung up. A few minutes later, both Lynn and the fellow with whom he had been talking walked into the room where I was. The fellow (about 35 years old) with Lynn was tall and had black hair. He was carrying some books and was still trying to sell Lynn the gambling device. Lynn finally said he would have to get back with the fellow later. When the phone rang, Lynn said, "I'd talk to you, but I've got to talk on the phone first."

After Lynn had picked up the phone and begun talking on it, I sat down and talked to the fellow, who explained more to me about the device. I was surprised that Lynn was interested in it. Finally I was able to ask Lynn if he had been trying to call me. He said he had. Apparently the lines had gotten crossed while he had been calling me, and he had ended up talking to the other fellow. The fellow waited for quite a while for Lynn to finish talking on the phone, but Lynn continued to talk. Finally just as the fellow got up to leave, Lynn hung up the phone, but Lynn had to make another phone call. He told the fellow to just get back in touch with him and he would definitely give him some business.

I also thought I might know someone who might want to get involved, and I asked the fellow if he had a business card. I thought my father might want to bet on it.

I thought about which professions would be good to bet on. I thought engineering would be a good one. I was dubious about the whole idea and thought it might just be some scam.

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