Dream of: 31 October 1984 "Old And Worn Out"

I was playing basketball with some other amateur basketball players. After playing for quite a while, no one had still made any baskets. I myself had made several unsuccessful shots. finally I made a long shot and the basketball went straight through the basket. Everyone was amazed I had made the shot. I likewise was amazed. I hadn't even been sure I could throw the ball that far.

We continued playing. A blonde girl was on my team and while we were playing, a button popped off her blouse. I picked the button up, shot it like a basketball, and it went through the hoop. We got two points for that also, and that made the score four to nothing. I was quite proud of myself because I was the only one who had made any points in the game.

I then went over to pick up the button which I had shot, and I found a bunch of buttons lying around on the ground. The button I had shot had a hole on the back of it. It looked as if another piece to the button was supposed to fit on that hole. I looked among the other buttons for the other piece, picked up some of the other buttons, but was unsure whether the other piece to the girl's button was among them. So I just took all that I had found over to the girl and handed them to her.

Birdie then walked up and stood beside me. She said, "Well now that I've found you, I don't want to lose you."

She just seemed to hang onto me.

The girl playing basketball was a blonde whom I really liked. Although I thought she was a bit classier than I, I thought I still might have a chance with her. But Birdie was complicating things.

The girl was now standing up on some kind of round object balancing herself. She said something to me which sounded like, "Oh, I hear you're going to get a job."

I was intending to start working again, and said, "Oh yea, it's for, you know, it's for preparing some kind of packages for the Securities and Exchange Commission. I can't even remember the name right now. Something like compensation packages or something."

It was a rather important job and I thought the girl might be somewhat impressed. I thought I might even have a chance with her, and wondered if Birdie was going to detract from my chances. Although Birdie was rather good looking, it seemed as if she was getting rather old and worn out.

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