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Dream of: 30 October 1984 (2) "Voices Outside"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse with my father, my mother and my sister. After my father and my mother left, I walked over to my sister and said, "Would you like to make love?"

When she said she would, I suggested that we go upstairs. But I told her I was first going to take a bath and I walked into the toilet. Some water was already in the bathtub and I intended to run more hot water; but my sister told me to come on and not worry about it.

I walked back into the room where she was. She was sitting on the floor and I sat down behind her. Realizing she had already taken off her pants, I reached around, felt her legs and moved my hands up her legs. Then we stood up and headed up the stairs. Once upstairs we both took off all our clothes and lay on the bed together. As I began feeling her breasts, she told me I should feel them in a certain way because they were growing hard on one side. As I lay beside her, I already had an erection and felt like climaxing.

But what was I doing? Was this right?  I hadn't had sex with my sister the entire time Louise and I had been together. Should I begin now? Suddenly I heard voices outside, one of which sounded like my mother's. Had my father and mother returned? My sister and I both jumped out of the bed and pulled on our clothes. My pants had buttons instead of a zipper and I had to button them up. We walked over to a window and looked outside. Several cows were out there; we stood looking at them a while. Maybe it would be better if my sister and I didn't have sex.

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