Dream of: 28 October 1984 "Stormy Weather"

I was on the road in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, helping a tall slender man (perhaps 40 years old) carry some hay to a truck which was coming toward us on the road. The man was walking a little ways behind me. It was stormy, and I was somewhat worried a tornado might blow up. As we walked past a building, I saw behind it two long, straight funnel clouds side by side approaching us. A little to the left of those two I saw two more funnel clouds approaching fast. Although the clouds were still fairly far away, I hollered back to the other man, "There they are."

I threw my hay down on the ground and began running toward the Farmhouse. My brother Chris was in the Farmhouse; I was most concerned about reaching the Farmhouse so I could carry Chris down to the basement, where I knew we would all have to go. I knew if something happened it would be worst for Chris, because he wouldn't be able to move to help himself.

The other man said something about going to Southwestern High School, but then he realized he wasn't going to be able to, and he likewise began running toward the Farmhouse.

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