Dream of: 26 October 1984 "House Of God"

I was awakened in the night by a black fellow who was sleeping in the bed with me. He had roused me to tell me a dream which he had just had. As he recited the dream to me, the images and feelings which the dream evoked became so vivid, it seemed as if I were having the dream myself, and as if I were the central character in the dream.

In the dream, I could see myself in rural Gallia County, in a hilly area near the Gallia County Farm. I had wanted to visit my log Cabin on the Farm, but I didn't want to take the path up the hill behind the Farmhouse which I normally used. So instead of first going to the Farmhouse, I went to the neighbor's farm old Garner Hubbard's place. I had discovered that from the Hubbard farm I could approach the Cabin from the rear, and that I would only need to walk a few meters to reach the Cabin. Indeed, after setting out from the Hubbard farm, I reached the Cabin in a flash.

Although the Cabin looked dramatically different from normal, I didn't stay long to examine it. Instead, satisfied with what I had seen, I promptly turned and retraced the same path, back to the Hubbard farm.

When I reached the Hubbard house, I noticed several other houses were also now on the Hubbard farm, houses which had never been there before. But I didn't dally long there either. I quickly headed off down the dusty gravel road which led from the Hubbard farm to my grandparents' Farm.

As I walked down the road, I thought I heard footsteps to my rear. Turning around, I spotted a black man walking behind me. I was surprised to see that many other black people were also on the road, all bearing toward a nearby intersection where several roads converged. On the other side of the intersection stood a little shack, which all the black people appeared intent on reaching. But when I turned and looked more closely, I realized the shack was actually a small church. Something about the sight of so many black people congregating at the unassuming little church had a tremendous emotional impact on me.

Intrigued, I also began walking toward the church. I didn't actually intend to enter the church; I only wanted to get closer so I could see it better. I reached some benches which had been stacked up not far from the church, one on top of the other, arranged almost in the form of a pyramid. I began climbing the benches and when I reached the topmost bench, I sat down. As I sat and surveyed my surroundings, I wondered if anyone would be affronted because I had chosen the best bench on which to sit.

Nestled on my lofty perch, I suddenly began having an intense, almost immobilizing, religious experience. Although I felt like crying, I simply couldn't move. I was practically having a religious convulsion. The feeling seemed to have originated from watching these poor black people who had almost nothing in the world, entering this humble building, which I recognized as the house of God. It seemed to me that any building could be converted into a righteous and holy place where God could dwell and be venerated.

In the midst of my experience, I suddenly awoke and realized I had been dreaming. No longer sitting atop the benches, I was now standing in front of the church. Since I knew I had been dreaming, I thought about recording the dream on a tape recorder which I was carrying with me, but the more I ruminated about the dream, the more I realized I wasn't the person who had had the dream, but a black man who had been sleeping with me. In fact the black man had already recorded the dream on a cassette tape which was inside the very tape recorder which I was carrying. I didn't need to record the dream again because it had already been recorded.

When a car pulled up in front of the church, I walked over to it, opened the door to the front passenger seat and hopped into the front seat with the driver. A woman and a pretty girl (about 18 years old) were sitting in the back seat. As we rode off together, I began telling everyone in the car about the dream. I wanted them to know what had happened to me. After I had narrated only a small portion of the dream, however, I remembered I already had the entire dream recorded on the cassette tape which the black fellow had recorded. Instead of telling the dream myself, I could simply replay the tape. I told the others I would play the tape and let them hear for themselves in the black fellow's own words what had happened in the dream.

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