Dream of: 24 October 1984 "Firebird"

Louise and I were riding around near Portsmouth in a car which I was driving. Louise fell asleep; since I wanted to go to another town called Firebird, I kept driving. When we made it to the town, Louise awoke; she didn't want to be here. So I drove out of Firebird. I drove in a circle, however, so I once again ended up back at Firebird. At first I didn't think I had ever been here before; but then I realized I had been here before, and when we stepped out of the car, I began pointing out some of the sights to Louise.

It was a small town; there wasn't much to see, except for two large old buildings in the center of the town. They were made of large red rock and were quite beautiful, except they were so old. One building apparently had been a train depot. I told Louise that the buildings were supposed to have been renovated, but that funds had run out so the job hadn't been completed. Apparently Firebird at one time had been quite prosperous, but had deteriorated to such an extent that not much was left of the city.

After showing Louise the depot, I pointed out a large house down the street, and said it had been the mayor's house. I told her if she wanted to, we could go down there and look inside. The house was also made of large red blocks and was likewise deteriorated. I told Louise that the mayor was still in the house, that he had been shot while he had been sitting in a chair in the house and his body had been left in the chair where he had been shot. Although the body had decomposed substantially, it was still there; I told Louise we could go look at it if she wanted to. But she didn't seem interested and said she was ready to go. So we boarded the car and left.

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