Dream of: 22 October 1984 (2) "Boring"

the spirit of the

lord is strong in art and dreams

for the perceptive

I was in a classroom where a girl was sitting on my right. Although Mary Krausz (my high school history teacher) was the teacher, Lowell Adams (my high school physics teacher) also sometimes seemed to be the teacher. The class was a special two hour class taking place in the summer. In the first hour we read a play by Shakespeare and in the second hour we read a short book out of the Old Testament. Different people would take turns reading out loud. I was rather tired of the whole thing and I was not enjoying it much.

At the end we were given a paper which had columns for our names, for the date, and for comments which we were supposed to make for both Shakespeare and for the Old Testament. I put down my name, the date, and my comments. In the comment column I wrote, "Boring. Waste of time." I really did think what we had been doing had been boring and a waste of time. It seemed to me that teaching something like chemistry would have been much more beneficial in high school than Shakespeare or the Old Testament.

The teacher said not to worry about what we had put down because she herself was not going to look at the comments, but that someone else would. I wanted the girl next to me to see what I had written, so I left my paper lying on my table until I saw her look over at it and smile.

Another girl walked up and stood to my left, pressing her leg against my arm until I began to become aroused. The girl only stayed for a minute and then walked away.

As I folded my paper, I noticed I had misspelled "boring."

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