Dream of: 22 October 1984 "Rape"

On a secluded road, I met a rather pretty girl (about 20 years old) and decided to rape her. Before she could act, I grabbed her and dragged her along with me. She didn't know at first what I was doing; but when I carried her toward some weeds by a nearby fence, she caught on and began struggling. I was able to control her and carried her into the weeds. I tore off her blouse. I forced myself between her legs, unzipped her pants, and finally began ripping them off. With her struggling all the time, I finally pulled the pants all the way off she was beginning to see the struggle was useless.

I pulled down my pants, and before she could do anything, I quickly inserted my penis into her vagina it felt quite good. All the while she struggled fitfully. I only pumped a few times before I climaxed. I lay motionless on top of her a few minutes.

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