Dream of: 21 October 1984 "Saint Regis"

I was watching a movie about an imaginary world of cells in the human body. The movie was done so human beings portrayed individual cells in a human body. The movie tried to show that different cells had different functions, and that the different functions were represented by different people. Some cells, for example, were shown as being doctors talking with each other and describing the activity they were performing in the body.

The scene focused on one cell portrayed by a lady (about 25 years old). She was waking up and discovering the person whose body she was in had been in an accident. At first she was disoriented about where she was, but finally figured out she was home. Another cell then came in which represented the mother of the woman. The woman told her mother that her husband was actually a medical doctor and that he wasn't a student at Saint Regis High School. Apparently the mother had thought the body they were in was that of a student, when in reality it was that of a medical doctor. The woman had to tell the mother the body had been in an accident.

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