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Dream of: 20 October 1984 "Cutting the Line"

While my wife Louise and I were living in one room of a house with my father and my mother, Louise decided to go out to a party one night. She had been going out rather frequently lately, and on this particular night, when she hadn't returned by around 3:30 a.m., I became concerned.

While my father, my mother and I were sitting in the living room, the phone rang, and I picked it up. On the other end, Worthington (a female law student) told me she had gone to a party with Louise at some fellow's house. Everyone else had left the party, but Louise had stayed.

I couldn't talk much with Worthington because my father and my mother were in the room and I didn't want to say much in front of them, even though I could tell that they were becoming insulted because I wasn't talking in front of them. My father began making some nasty little remarks; finally I told Worthington I had to go. Suddenly my father said he was going to cut the line; I told Worthington what he had said. My father jumped up with a pair of scissors in his hand, ran toward the phone and cut the line. I could still hear Worthington talking for a few seconds, but then her voice faded away and we were unable to talk anymore.

I was quite angry with my father; it was time for Louise and me to move out of there. But I wasn't even sure whether Louise and I were going to be together anymore. Apparently she was trying to work herself away from me.

Suddenly I heard someone at the door, looked up and saw Louise walk in. I was happy to see her; she and I immediately walked back into our bedroom together. She began talking about a legal case she on which she was working for some girl and she spoke of the girl's constitutional rights in the case. We sat down on the bed and I let her continue talking, although what I was really interested in was where she had been and whether she still cared about me. And I particularly wanted to know whether she had begun seeing someone else. But she just continued talking about the case.

She seemed quite nice and didn't seem angry about anything.

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