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Dream of: 16 October 1984 (2) "Converting A Church"

I was at the Church in Patriot, Ohio, looking it over to see if I might be able to convert it into a house. I thought if the steeple were taken off it would look like a regular building with a regular roof. I walked inside and saw that the large room could be converted into a living room. Another room to the side could also be converted into a living room. To the left was a fireplace which had been plastered over with some kind of metallic substance, but heat was still emanating from it.

As I investigated the church further, I was told that a large number of rooms had been discovered under the church. I thought some of those rooms could be turned into bedrooms. I wondered if there was another room on the first floor which could be turned into a kitchen, or whether the kitchen also would have to go under the church.

I recollected that some men I had once known in Portsmouth, Ohio had fixed up the basement of a house they owned on Front Street.

Someone began talking to me and said quite a few attempts had been made to turn that church into a house, but none had ever succeeded.

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