Dream of: 16 October 1984 "Waist Deep"

Louise and I were supposed to go to a dance together, but for some reason at the last minute, she was unable to go. I decided to go by myself. I went to my automobile, which was a truck, and opened the door. My boots fell out and I picked them up. I then boarded the truck and headed toward the dance. I had some kind of alcohol which I began drinking on the way.

I arrived at the dance and immediately began dancing with a woman. The dance floor was in a pool and the water was about waist deep. Everyone including myself was wearing a swimming suit. The woman with whom I was dancing was wearing a skimpy little bikini. She was very attractive. I danced with her for a long time and rubbed up against her. Then I danced with another attractive woman.

Finally I began dancing with a very attractive woman and danced with her the rest of the evening. We rubbed all over each other and I became more and more intoxicated. I knew some of Louise's friends were here watching us, but by now I really didn't care.

I noticed I had an erection. Looking around I noticed many of the other men were holding the women they were dancing with close to them. I figured they probably all had erections and since they were just wearing swimming suits, they couldn't hide them. So they had to hold the women close to them. I was in the same predicament.

Finally I simply fell over onto my back into the water. I was lying under about a half meter of water, looking straight up. As I was lying here, Louise walked in. Right over top of me Louise began talking with the woman with whom I had been dancing and pointing to me. Louise indicated to the woman that she was my wife. The woman looked astounded to know I had a wife after everything she had been doing with me out here on the dance floor.

The woman started to leave and I raised myself out of the water. I winked at the woman, as if I would see her later; but she obviously was no longer interested now that she knew I was married.

Louise took off a coat she was wearing and underneath she had on a red night gown. She was wearing bright red lipstick. She put her arms around me and I felt so comfortable being with her. She was the one I really wanted to be with anyway. I said, "They're going to tell you bad things about me later, about me dancing with all these good-looking girls."

She seemed unconcerned. She asked me if I had found the shirt she had left in my boot. She pointed out that I had told her she never did anything for me. So she wanted me to know she had left a shirt for me in my boot. I wanted to tell her I had found some alcohol there, but I didn't say anything about that.

She jumped up on me here in the water and wrapped her legs around my back. We danced and kissed and had a good time together.

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