Dream of: 10 October 1984 (3) "Bus Stop"

I was in a bus headed for a little town in Mexico, just south of the United States border. When the bus stopped at a little store, I got off the bus to go to the restroom. Needing also to make a phone call to Terrell, I picked up a phone in the restroom, called Terrell's house, and heard an answering machine answer. The machine said Terrell wasn't in at the moment and that the caller could leave a message. I was just was about to leave a message, when I heard the messages which other people had left for Terrell begin playing. Apparently someone had messed up the machine so the messages were being played instead of allowing the machine to receive new messages. I listened to a few of the messages, hoping that when they were over I would be able to leave a message of my own. But still I was unable to leave a message.

I knew I was able to use a code number ("098") on my answering machine to break through messages. So I pressed 098 and thought I would be able to break through. I knew I also needed to press a five to break through.

Suddenly some fellow came to the door of the rest room, demanding to be let in. Apparently he was a passenger on another bus which had pulled up, and he was in a hurry. But he was so obnoxious, I wouldn't open the door. Finally he enlisted the aid of another to try to force me out. Finally I voluntarily left, still trying to figure out what to do, because I definitely needed to contact Terrell. I saw another phone booth, but someone was already in it.

I noticed a small pool where some children were playing. With all their clothes on, they would walk up to the pool and jump in. Some boys were also pushing some girls with their dresses on into the pool. The dresses were very short, and when they were wet and the girls stood up, from the lower position where I was, I noticed I could see up the girls' dresses and see the girls panties underneath. I found the sight slightly erotic.

Most people had gotten back onto the bus and the telephone booth was now empty.

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