Dream of: 10 October 1984 (2) "Damaged Penny"

My wife Louise and I were in a gymnasium. No one was in the stands, but some people from practice court were on the gym floor doing some things. I had a penny which I was throwing into the air with my left hand, and then hitting with my right hand, knocking it against the wall. The penny was beginning to become somewhat damaged. Other people were also throwing pennies around. Once, I knocked my penny out onto the gym floor; I asked Louise to retrieve it for me. She did and I began knocking the penny against the wall again.

Dawson (a law professor) had walked into the room and was watching me. I felt as if I were doing something wrong by damaging the penny, but I continued anyway, almost in spite.

Dawson wanted to talk with me. Finally, he walked over and sat down near me. I sat down next to him. He asked me how I was doing. I said, "Fine."

He wanted to know whether I had been able to use anything I had learned in practice court since I had left law school. I knew I hadn't actually been in a trial, and therefore I hadn't used what I had learned. I sidestepped the question and implied that I had used some of what I had learned. Actually I had used some of what I had learned, but I simply hadn't used it in trial.

Louise sat down and some other students also walked up. Dawson asked us if we could tell him what we thought was the single thing which distinguished practice court from the other classes at law school. Louise gave her answer and I gave my answer. I told him practice court was set apart because a student had to take such an active roll in in practice court. Practice court wasn't like other law school classes where the student could be passive and just sit back. In practice court the student had to become very active and prepare for the performance in practice court. I said, "It's very much like an actor, because if you're not prepared for your performance, it will be immediately detectable by those who are observing you in practice court."

Dawson seemed pleased by my answers. The other students also seemed pleased. Louise seemed to like my answer and she added that she hadn't really thought of it that way.

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