Dream of: 10 October 1984 "Watery Eyes"

Louise and I were sitting in the reception room of a law office when Mrs. Whitworth (a former legal client) walked in and sat down. After a few minutes, Mrs. Whitworth and I rose and walked into the actual lawyer's office. The lawyer was probably in his early 30s. He was neatly dressed and seemed to be someone I had been working with for quite a while. Mrs. Whitworth was seeking someone to represent her in a law suit against Shrum (a Waco architect). We sat down and began talking with the lawyer. We discussed the case against Shrum and considered the matter of also suing him for attorney's fees. We walked around a while, discussed the matter some more, returned to the office and sat back down.

I was in a seat to the left of Mrs. Whitworth and behind her. She was facing the lawyer; as she talked to him I couldn't see her face. I began realizing that she was saying something to him to which I wasn't privy and that she was winking at him so I wouldn't hear. Since I knew I was one of the lawyers involved in the matter I spoke up, "Well I see that you're trying to conceal something. I think we ought to get it all out in the open here right now."

She talked further and I realized she didn't want Louise to hear what she was saying since Louise was in the next room. I knew Louise had been handling part of Mrs. Whitworth's case for her and Louise had written a letter or two to Shrum, but now I had the impression that Mrs. Whitworth was having second thoughts whether she should be employing Louise to handle any part of the case for her. I told them I didn't see any problem with Louise working on the case, because Mrs. Whitworth would be represented by all three lawyers, and Louise would only be working on one aspect of the case.

I turned to the other lawyer and explained that Louise had written the letters to Shrum because I didn't think it was appropriate for me to be writing letters to Shrum since I had been one of the lawyers who had been involved in the initial settlement agreement which we had reached with Shrum. I told the lawyer I didn't think it was appropriate for me to now be alleging duress in reaching that settlement agreement since I had been involved in reaching the agreement in the first place. I told him I wasn't sure if I had acted correctly, but that I had acted the way Vaughn and Terrell had taught me. 

While I was talking my eyes began watering. I wasn't crying but simply had water in my eyes. I noticed the other lawyer's eyes also seemed to be watering.

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