Dream of: 08 October 1984 "Carlyle"

Lying on my stomach on the floor of the living room of my Ridgecrest Road Apartment (in Dallas, Texas), I was reading an interesting, small, blue book written in French by Thomas Carlyle. My wife Louise had left earlier and had been gone for quite a while. I was expecting her to return at any time. I thought I heard the front door open, looked up and thought I saw the door move slightly. Thinking Louise was peeking in, I said, "I hear you."

The door opened and in the doorway stood Terrell (a lawyer whom I had met in Waco, Texas, while I had attended Baylor Law School). I was surprised to see him there. After Terrell walked into the room, Beasley and Nunley (former high school schoolmates) followed him. I was especially surprised to see Beasley since I hadn't seen him in so many years.

I stood up (only wearing under shorts) and began looking for my robe to put on.

Terrell walked over to a bowl which had some had some things in it, pulled out a pair of eyeglasses and said, "Ah, there they are." Apparently he had been in my apartment once before and had left the glasses there. I realized this was the second time he had left a pair of glasses at my house.

I invited Terrell, Beasley and Nunley to sit down. After they did so, we began talking. I was interested in asking Beasley questions about himself. When they asked me about Louise, I told them I wasn't sure when she would return. I told them I had learned after about the third week of marriage not to worry when she was gone for a long time because she was late so much of the time I'd be spending all my time worrying when she was gone.

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