Dream of: 06 October 1984 (2) "Developing Muscle"

While on a college campus I decided I wanted to run. I was wearing a pair of slacks and my short-sleeved, green and red checked shirt. I also wanted to do some exercises; even though quite a few people were nearby, I decided to do the exercises anyway. I rather wanted to show off in front of the people. I began running along the street.

I also wanted to do some flips, and I wanted to use a bar to do them. I saw a fence with some bars about five centimeters in diameter which were about a half meter off the ground. I wanted to run, grab the bars and flip over onto my feet. But some bushes were right on the other side of the bar, so I couldn't do it. Besides, since I had never done that before, I wanted to practice first by simply jumping onto the bars and holding myself up before actually flipping over.

I kept running along looking for another bar where there might not be any bushes. I picked up my speed and began running very fast. I became rather tired, but I was amazed at how well I could run. As I ran I saw a dog which reminded me of Mike, a dog I had had when I had been a young boy. I also saw a bulldog; Mike began running after the bulldog. When Mike stopped I hollered, "Sic 'im. Sic 'im."

I really didn't want Mike to chase the bulldog; I just wanted to see if he would do it. When Mike started toward the bulldog, I called Mike over to me.

I ran on until I reached a red brick wall. Very high up at the top of the wall was a window from which people apparently served food. I began climbing up the side of the wall toward the window. I thought I would even climb through the window to reach the other side, but there was much clutter in the window. It looked as if some pop containers were in the window.

While I was hanging there debating whether to go through the window, two girls walked up. Somehow they were right up next to the window where I was; they began talking about ordering something. One girl to me and asked me if I were staying somewhere; she mentioned the name of a hotel in Dallas. I said, "No."

She told me she and the other girl had come to Dallas for the night to visit. I asked, "You came all the way down here for one night?"

She said, "Yes."

I knew they didn't know I was from Dallas. I thought of telling them I lived in Dallas, but I didn't. They said that that night they were just going to sit around and basically look at the stars. One girl suggested I could come over and sit with them. I thought I might as well. I thought to myself that Louise and I weren't seeing each other any more. I thought, "We've broken up."

I thought I would climb back down the wall and impress the two girls with my prowess. I asked, "Well what time? About seven or eight, nine, ten?"

She answered, "Well, come over about eleven and bring drinks too."

I knew then she wanted me to bring something alcoholic to drink. I thought about who else I could take with me for the other girl. I thought Buckner lived in Dallas; I could probably take him with me. He would like that. Both girls were attractive, although not beautiful.

They climbed back down from the wall. I decided I was going to hang onto the wall and pull myself around with my hands so I would be standing straight upside down. I tried it and barely did it. I then went back down the wall. The girls were still down there looking at me; my shirt had come up so that they were looking at my stomach. I had begun working out so the muscles were beginning to build up in my stomach. But I still had some flab there; did the girls think I had flab instead of muscle on my stomach? I needed to work harder to get rid of the flab and develop the muscle.

I began running again. I began thinking that Louise and I actually hadn't completely separated and that I still shouldn't date other women; I was contemplating doing it anyway; should I?

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