Dream of: 06 October 1984 "Secured Transactions"

Tingle (a legal client) called me on the phone to tell me about some houses he was going to sell, as trustee, at foreclosure sales. He also mentioned he had a mobile home which was going to be foreclosed in Waco and he wanted to know if I would be interested in it. I talked with him about it. I told him a mobile home wasn't real property and I thought it must be sold differently. He said that it was indeed different, and that the sale would take place in the middle of the month, on the fifteenth of next month.

I knew the rules of secured transactions must be followed in selling something like that. I had studied secured transactions, but I would have to review the rules to know how to proceed. I almost mentioned to him that I had studied secured transactions, but I refrained.

I told him I doubted many people ever got in touch with him because he was so difficult to locate. He said that that was right, that even though he was trustee, people rarely called him.

I told him it had been difficult for me to locate him before when he had been trustee on a piece of property being foreclosed on, because the mortgage company in that case was located in Arkansas and it had gone out of business. He acknowledged it was difficult to reach him, and it seemed to me it had been planned, because he didn't want people to be able to reach him.

I asked him what the price on the mobile home was and he said it was somewhat over $1,700. I thought, "Well, that's so cheap, they'll probably pay it off."

He was about to tell me something else, but the phone went dead. I waited three or four minutes and finally I said, "Tingle?"

He answered, "Yea."

He sounded as if he had just awakened and I could hear him shuffling through some papers looking for something else which he wanted to tell me.

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