Dream of: 27 September 1984 "Model Airplane"

While with some friends in the woods, I began thinking I would like to buy a small model airplane which would fly in the air. I then looked up and noticed a small, white, model airplane flying overhead. It was singled-winged and I could just barely see it. It was quite pretty to watch and I pointed it out to the others. We could see it for a while through the trees, then it would disappear, then reappear again. It almost looked like a ray of light.

We kept watching it, trying to figure out how it was flying. Finally I noticed someone standing on the other side of a nearby street and I concluded the airplane was being flown by remote control. I hadn't thought at first it was being directed by remote control.

I asked one of the people with me about the airplane and he responded it belonged to someone who had been killed a couple weeks ago. The fellow now flying it was trying to sell it. I asked the fellow how the owner of the airplane had been killed and he replied he and two girls had been killed in a car wreck in Grayson county.

The plane begin coming lower and lower and I finally saw it was actually rather large. The airplane did some loops and it became obvious the fellow on the other side of the street was controlling it. Finally he brought it in and I walked over to him.

He was someone I knew. I asked him how he had been. He said, "Fine."

He asked me how I had been and I said, "Well, I go out to the lake and take a dip every once in a while."

He said, "Just every once in a while?"

I said, "Yea."

Actually I hadn't even been going swimming lately, even though it had been hot lately. But I figured he probably went frequently.

I then referred to the former owner of the plane who had been killed in a car wreck and said, "Well, I'm sorry to hear about your friend."

He replied, "Yea."

He was also sorry it had happened. I asked him if he would like to sell the plane. He said, "Oh, you're interested in the plane, uhnh."

I told him I was, but he said he wasn't really trying to sell it because he was trying to get a complete refund from it. I asked, "Oh, it still under warranty."

He answered that it was and said it had a three-year warranty on it. That surprised me, but I thought if that was correct, that would end the matter. I couldn't afford to pay the full new price for the plane, which he could get if he got the refund. Apparently he would be able to get the refund because the plane had a few problems.

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