Dream of: 23 September 1984 (2) "Captured Dolphin"

While by a beach, I noticed some penguins walking along the beach. They walked out into the water and I then noticed something farther out in the water, which I finally realized was some dolphins. The dolphins were swimming in quickly toward the penguins and I knew they were going to try to catch and eat the penguins.

I suddenly thought I needed to try to catch one of the dolphins and I walked to the water's edge. The dolphins swam in and began crowding together in a circle and swimming around one of the penguins. I was in the water about up to my waist, but the dolphins didn't see me. I got close to them and tried to grab a couple, but they were slippery and slipped through my hands.

Finally, however, I was able to grab one. After I had it in my hands, I carried it back onto the shore. It didn't struggle and it remained calmly in my hands. I walked over to a shaded area, sat down in the shade with the dolphin in my hands and began petting it. I realized it needed water on its skin or it would quickly dry up.

I told a fellow here to go get me some water to pour on the dolphin. I thought I also needed a large wash tub to put the dolphin in. My intention was to first turn it into a pet, then return it to the water, where I would be able to call it anytime I needed it.

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