Dream of: 23 September 1984 "Washed In The Blood"

My father and I had entered a church which seemed to be located in the back yard of the House in Patriot, in the area where the garage normally stood. Inside the church I encountered my old Portsmouth friend, Steve Buckner. Both he and I had some marijuana mine was in a little baggie. We rolled up a large thick joint and a second smaller joint. I dropped the large one on the floor where I was sitting. I then stuck my baggie of marijuana down in the seat where I was sitting and walked outside with the smaller joint, which I smoked.

When I walked back into the church and sat back down in my seat, I had an uneasy feeling that someone had seen me and that some police were there watching everything, but I was unsure the police would try to arrest me. I finally picked up the large joint off the floor, retrieved my baggie of marijuana from the seat, and walked back outside.

By now I was certain some people had seen the marijuana. I tore open the joint and let the marijuana fall out of the joint onto the ground, then poured the marijuana out of the baggie onto the ground. When I had finished, I saw that my father and some other men had seen what I had done, but I had already thrown the marijuana away, so it was too late for them to do anything to me.

When one man walked up to me and asked if I would submit to a blood test to see if I had been using any drugs, I replied, "No. No way."

Another man walked up and said he wanted to know if I had been using any iodine (apparently iodine was some kind of drug). He had a needle in his hand and he wanted to give me a blood test. I said, "No," and I walked away.

A girl (18-19 years old) walked up to me. She was holding a small needle in her hand. She wanted to give me a blood test and again I said, "No."

The girl was strong-willed and determined to give me the blood test, even though I didn't want it. She grabbed me, we wrestled to the ground, and she managed to stick the needle in my thumb. I knew the blood test would only be able to show whether I had used any iodine, and since I hadn't used any iodine, I knew the result of the test would be negative. But I still didn't like the idea of their doing that to me.

I felt like hitting the girl in the face with my fist, but instead, I just wrested the needle from her. I then grabbed a little box of needles which she had, ran through the back yard and finally threw the needles in some weeds. I hoped the needles wouldn't later get in someone's feet. I also threw away the needle which the girl had stuck in my thumb.

The girl hadn't realized at first that I had taken the little box of needles and I could hear her looking for it. Suddenly she realized I had taken the box and she became extremely upset.

I walked back into the church and found it full of young people, most of whom looked as if they were Japanese. One fellow looked as if he were going through some kind of conversion and the others were gathered around him. Suddenly they began screaming, "Washed in the blood! Washed in the blood! Washed in the blood!"

I stood up and said something about my having been washed in the blood, even though I knew I hadn't been washed in the blood. I wasn't a part of their religion and I wanted to explain to them that I hadn't really been washed in the blood, but I couldn't, because they again loudly screamed, "Washed in the blood! Washed in the blood!"

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