Dream of: 21 September 1984 "Olympic Medal"

I was with my step-grandfather Clarence in the Gallia County Farmhouse, when I went alone upstairs. There I found an old couch, and I reached down into the back of it to see if there was anything in it. I was surprised to find a silver dollar in the couch. It almost looked like gold and had a picture of an Indian wearing a headband made of eagle's feathers on it. When I pulled it out, I thought I would tell Clarence about it. But then I decided to keep it, and I stuck it in my pocket.

I left the Farmhouse and went to a gymnasium which had a pool. Diving competition was taking place at the pool, and I decided to take part. I put on some swimming trunks and went up to a diving platform. I was supposed to do a somersault off the platform into the water. But I was up so high, I became frightened.

I now had the silver dollar encased in a gold band and hanging from a chain around my neck. It seemed like an Olympic medal.

Many people were watching me on the platform. I didn't want to back down in front of them, but I was afraid I would injure myself if I jumped from this height and tried to flip in mid-air.

So I climbed down to a lower platform, from which I decided to jump. I jumped off the platform, flipped in mid-air and landed on my feet in the water. I sank into the water. I had done quite well and I repeated the jump several times. I didn't land perfectly every time, but I felt exhilarated by flipping in mid-air. I quite enjoyed it.

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