Dream of: 20 September 1984 "Around The World"

I was living with my father and my mother in the Gallia County Farmhouse. As I was getting ready to go to school early in the morning, Mr. Woods (a legal client) showed up to pick up my father to go somewhere with him. Woods waited in the kitchen while my father got ready. I was in the living room dallying about and getting ready for school. I thought about going into the kitchen to talk with Woods, but I didn't. Finally Woods and my father left the House and went down the back hill.

When a school bus pulled out, I realized Woods was driving it. The bus was filled with people who worked for Woods. Although a couple fellows (in their early 30s) were on the bus, most people were much older. Apparently they were all going somewhere together. I somewhat regretted not going with them, but it didn't bother me much.

That evening everyone returned and one fellow (whom I knew) walked into the Farmhouse. He told me they had gone to Thailand, Acapulco, the Bahamas, Canada and Britain. Apparently Woods had just taken everyone out on a day-long party. Now I really regretted that I hadn't gone; traveling all over the world in one day would have been great. I couldn't understand how they had visited so many places. I pulled out a map, and I asked the fellow where they had gone first. I figured they had flown over Canada to get to Thailand, but I didn't know how they had subsequently traveled to the Bahamas. The fellow mentioned having crossed the Atlantic, but he himself was unsure how they had gone to all those places.

The fellow mentioned someone's name, but I didn't know who he was talking about. He looked at me disdainfully and told me the person was involved with Gulf Oil Corporation. Apparently the name was of a fellow who owned a lot of Gulf Oil Corporation. Apparently Woods had been visiting different facilities of Gulf Oil Corporation, checking them out in anticipation of buying part of the Corporation.

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