Dream of: 11 September 1984 "Upcoming Battle"

I was in a school looking for my class, which I thought was a German language class. The class was being taught by Dohoney. I had missed the last several classes, and I tried to remember how many classes a person could miss before flunking. About 12, I thought. I didn't know exactly how many I had missed; I would need to talk with Dohoney to determine the exact number. I also needed to talk with other professors about classes I had missed in other subjects.

I walked into a large auditorium and sat down in a seat in the back row. Many students were in the auditorium, and on a stage in front of the room were some men explaining to us some simulated war games in which we were about to participate. Apparently this group of students was going to do battle with an opposing group of students. I wondered what the war games would be like. It somewhat reminded me of the United States Civil War.

The students became progressively more agitated, and I wondered what it was going to be like if these students were fighting against another group of students. Although I thought it could be quite exciting, I was rather apprehensive about the affair.

I thought the battle would soon begin, and I thought the other group of students would just march into the front of this auditorium and attack. Before it started, I thought I needed to urinate in a restroom in the back of the room. But I didn't want to go right now because I was afraid I would miss the beginning of the battle.

A fellow in a group of people behind me hollered out something, but I couldn't understand what he said.

The time to begin seemed increasingly close. Some students began dividing up in different groups. I was put in a group of about 10 people which wasn't actually going to be in the battle, but which was going to be sent off into the woods to do something. My group gathered over to the side, and the fellow who was the head of the group explained how our function was going to be to build log houses for the others. He said he had already built one.

I was somewhat disappointed, because I had wanted to take part in the fighting. But at the same time I was relieved not to have to be in the fighting.

Our group left the auditorium and as we headed for the woods, I realized we were in Portsmouth, in the hilltop area. I asked the leader where the log houses were, and when he told me, I said, "My father owns a couple of houses over there."

I was referring to the Hill in New Boston which my father owned. I thought my father's property stretched all the way into Portsmouth, close to the area of Steve Weinstein's house (but I thought the house belonged to Courtney (one of my former law school classmates) rather than to Weinstein's family).

As my group walked on, I asked the leader how much the house had cost to build which he had built. He said it had cost $140,000. I thought that seemed like a lot of money, and when someone else commented on it, I said, "That's ridiculous. I don't see how a log house could cost that much unless he was really elaborate on the inside of it."

We continued on until we came to the bottom of my father's hill. As we were about to start up the hill, I saw my Cabin sitting at the bottom of the hill. The roof had caved in and the sides were ready to fall in. The rafters were still there, although they were rapidly decaying. We walked up closer to it; part of its front was made of brick. It had been put together quite well, but now was caving in. The Cabin had three rooms a middle room and two side rooms. I told the others that that was my house which I had built. But no one seemed particularly impressed. As I looked at it, I felt bad that it was falling in. But it didn't really bother me that much. I thought about contributing the logs of my Cabin to build the new houses with. But I didn't really want to do it, and I didn't think the people in my group would want the logs anyway.

We began climbing up the hill. I tried to think of the name of the man leading the group and realized he was the actor Chuck O'Connor of the television series "The Rifleman." I called him by his name, "Chuck."

I didn't know exactly what kind of work we were going to do. One of the other fellows explained to me that we were going to cut down trees on top of the hill. We would then haul the logs back down the hill to use to build houses for the army to stay in. I said something about how that was going to be back-breaking work. I knew it would be very difficult to carry trees. I thought about how we were going to cut them.

I began thinking about the battle. I thought plastic bullets would probably be used. I wondered whether someone shot by a plastic bullet would be taken out of the battle. I asked one of the others if a shot person would be taken permanently out of the battle. I was told it didn't work that way. A shot person was only taken out of the battle for a few minutes, and then put back in it. I thought it would probably hurt to be hit by one of the bullets.

It seemed pleasant as we climbed the hill. Not far from us I saw a cute, brown rabbit. When I walked closer to it, I saw it was wearing a collar. I mentioned to someone else in my group that the rabbit was wearing a collar. I then walked up to it, but although it was obviously tame, it ran away from me and began climbing straight up a tree. Although it seemed odd that a rabbit could climb a tree like that, I didn't pay much attention to it.

When I looked down at where the rabbit had been, I saw some felt-tipped markers and the white caps to the markers lying on the ground. Someone else helped me as I began picking up the markers and putting their tops on them. With one purple marker I marked on some paper to see if it was still good. It was.

Suddenly I realized I had been dreaming, and I needed to write down everything. I rose from my bed, sat down at a table and began writing the beginning of the dream, about how I had been sitting in an auditorium listening to a speech about an upcoming battle.

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