Dream of: 10 September 1984 "Alms"

Louise and I were sitting in a restaurant in the morning getting ready to eat. I became rather upset when Louise ordered a large meal, because it was obviously going to be expensive. She walked over to a counter, picked up a sandwich and after bringing it over to the table, opened it up, revealing bacon and something else on it. Obviously the grease from the bacon had seeped into the bread. She was going to eat the bread, but not the bacon. I protested, "Why don't you just buy a piece of bread instead of this sandwich? This sandwich costs $2.50. You could get a whole loaf of bread for less than that."

I called the waitress over and asked her if she had some bread she could bring Louise. She said she did and walked away. I also stood up and began walking away. I looked back at the table and saw Louise had begun eating the bread anyway. Obviously she was going to eat the bread and spend all that extra money for it. I was rather disgusted by what she was doing.

I decided to walk outside. I went out and I hadn't gone far down the street before a rather poor-looking Japanese fellow approached me. He held out his hand and asked me if I could give him some money. I said, "No."

Apparently he had just arrived in the country and didn't have any money. He began walking away and I said, "Wait a minute."

I walked toward him and he held out his hand, which had some dimes in it. I put two quarters in his hand. He was very grateful, looked at me and said, "Thank you. Thank you."

I looked over to the side behind a bush and saw a Japanese woman with a baby and thought they must be his. I felt good about what I had done and I thought if Louise simply wouldn't spend so much money we would have more money to give to poor people like that.

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