Dream of: 09 September 1984 (2) "Human Understanding"

While my wife Louise and I were sleeping together in a bed in a house, I awoke and realized someone had entered the room. A number of chairs were sitting around the room; women were sitting in four or five. On one side of the room a man had set up a camera and, one by one, was taking pictures of the women for humorous post cards so the women could send them to people. Although the women were fairly old and unattractive, they would pull up their dresses above their knees and show their legs.

The man didn't have a very strong light source with his camera apparatus. Although more light fixtures were in the room, none were working. Something was wrong with the electrical system in the room; the lighting would have been much better if the electrical system had been working properly.

As the man proceeded, I mentioned to him that they could go into the room next door. Since I knew something was quite frightening about the room next door, I thought it would be a good place to take scary pictures.

I decided to rise and go to the store to find something with which to repair the light. I rose and left. I also knew something was wrong with both my car and Louise's car. I figured if I managed to fix the cars, the light in the room would also be fixed.

I went to the Baylor Law School, because I thought I could acquire what I needed there. I first went to a toilet and began using one of the urinals. I was standing at a urinal next to a stall. Wondering if anyone was inside the stall, I looked through a small crack in the stall's side. I saw the back of the head of a fellow sitting on the commode in the stall.

I remembered how I myself had once been sitting in a stall in a toilet, and had seen someone in the next stall trying to look over the stall at me.

I decided to go into one of the stalls myself and defecate. After I had entered the stall and sat down, another memory came back. While sitting on a commode in a public stall, I had once seen someone trying to peek in at me through a small hole, and I had poked something into the hole. I thought how dangerous that had been; I could have actually put someone's eye out by doing that. I remembered when the same thing had occurred another time and I had simply stuck some paper in the hole.

I defecated and when finished, began using the toilet paper. Somehow I managed to wipe my feces all over the roll of toilet paper. I tried to tear off paper around the soiled paper so I could use it to wipe with. Finally I decided to reach into another stall and grab some toilet paper. I opened the door to my stall, and although some fellow was standing outside it, I quickly reached around into the neighboring stall and grabbed another roll of toilet paper. I began using the toilet paper; but more and more feces seemed to come off my rectum; I couldn't seem to get clean. I continued and continued and gradually became concerned I might overflow the commode with all the paper I was throwing into it; but finally I finished wiping and left the toilet.

I walked into a main office and found Muldrow (a law professor) standing by a counter in the room. Several new law students were gathered around Muldrow. I thought I noticed Courtney (a law student) standing nearby. I walked close to Muldrow, who was talking loudly about how he was resigning his teaching position. He made a few statements and then left. From what he had said, I inferred that he had had a conflict with the administration and that he had decided to resign. His resignation was causing quite a turmoil among the students.

One student said Muldrow had recently commented about how much he loved teaching practice court. Although he hadn't taught my practice court class, I had heard he had been an excellent professor. Everyone was quite surprised by his resignation. Someone mentioned he had recently heard Muldrow didn't like to handle finance work for banks in private practice. Someone else began talking about a major case being handled by a firm with which Muldrow had recently worked. They also said there was going to be a "fork" regarding the handling of that case. It might be possible Muldrow would work by himself on that particular case.

Still thinking about the matter, I walked out into the hall, where I noticed an open door to a room which I had noticed before in the law school, but which I had never entered. I looked inside the room and saw a bed and a couch. Apparently it was a guest room. I saw someone who I thought was Petty (a female law student) standing in there; I thought she must help take care of the room. It surprised me to see an actual guest room in the law school.

Since I was already at the law school, I decided to pick up a couple books which I needed from the book store. I tried to remember the names of the books. I walked downstairs, where I saw a telephone and a food counter. Standing behind the counter wiping it was my old philosophy professor Rembert Glass. I thought he must work here. I wanted to talk with him, but I hesitated because we hadn't talked in so long, and I was unsure he would want to talk with me.

I walked over to the phone, which wasn't far from him and I called the bookstore. An operator came on the line; I thought of telling her the names of the books I wanted, but I couldn't remember them. I knew the books had something to do with philosophy and in a way, I wanted Rembert to hear me say their names so he would know I was still interested in philosophy. At the same time I didn't want him to hear me, because the books were ones I had begun reading when I had known him 10 years ago, and I didn't want him to think I was still reading the same books.

One book was an introduction to philosophy. Finally I remembered the other book was by David Hume and was entitled An Inquiry Concerning the Nature of Human Understanding. The phrase "an inquiry concerning the nature of human understanding" went over and over in my mind.

I wanted to ask the operator if she knew the names of any stores which sold those books, but I knew she wouldn't know, so I finally just asked her the number of the university bookstore. Then I noticed the operator was talking with someone else. It sounded as if her boyfriend had come in and was talking with her. Finally everything went quiet and I wondered if they were kissing.

As I was standing here, Rembert walked over and tapped me on the back. He then walked over to some tables and then back to the counter. I thought to myself that he had seen me and that he must want to talk with me if he had tapped me on the back like that. I thought I would talk with him when I finished my call.

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